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Orlaeg, Wyrd, and Generational Wealth

What is Orlaeg and Wyrd

Orlaeg and Wyrd are fundamental concepts in Heathenry. To fully cover them would require its own blog post, so I shall simplify them here. Orlaeg, put simply, is your “starting point”. when you are born, the circumstances of your birth are uniquely yours. Among them are things such as time of your birth, your parents age, your assigned gender at birth, and where you are born, among thousands of other factors. Some of these will greatly impact your life, and some will not, some will change, and some will stay the same. This changing and impacting on your life leads to your Wyrd, or your present condition. Your Wyrd is all the factors of ‘now’ (for the moment that now lasts, which is already over), and include things like your gender presentation, your wealth, your social groups, etc. the list goes on. How is your Wyrd achieved? Well, it is built on the choices you have made, based on the options available to you. It is, in essence, a two part equation, a mix of Opportunity (the paths you could have taken) and Decision (the paths available to you that you chose to walk). But Wyrd does not occur in isolation. It has built upon your Orlaeg, and been pulled at by the Wyrds and Orlaegs of those around you. If you apply to a job, your Wyrd is affected by this, but it is also affected by the Wyrds of others who apply to the job. If their Wyrd includes having experience you don’t, or a more advanced degree, their Wyrd may now include having the job, while your Wyrd does not. Did you choose not to get the job? No, you tried your best to get it, but even still you were rejected.

Orlaeg and Wealth

Part of your Orlaeg, your starting point, is your Parents Income and Wealth. Now, with Orlaeg, you don’t choose any of it. Your Orlaeg is the Wyrd of your parents, the coming together of their Opportunities and Decisions at the time of your birth. It at your Orlaeg that your Wyrd begins, and your life is shaped by it. In early childhood, your Wyrd is far more Opportunity than Decision. There is some Decision, as even newborns are thinking beings, but when your movement and communication is limited, those around you have much more control on where you’re going than you do. Your Parents Wyrd, building from the moment of your Orlaeg, covers the Wyrd of your early years, and their wealth is used to benefit you, as the Opportunity section of your Wyrd.

Opportunity from your Wyrd

As I have said, part of your Wyrd is built from the Opportunities that you have. The flip side of that is that the Opportunities that come to you are built in part from your Wyrd. If you make the choice to get a degree in business, an Opportunity presented to you is a business career fair. If you make the choice to go to that career fair, the Opportunity to get a job from one of the companies present is before you. Your Wyrd now, employed by one of those companies, was possible by the Opportunity to apply, given at the career fair. but that Opportunity to apply, was affected by your wyrd when you made the choice to go to that career fair. Opportunity and Wyrd act like a cycle in this way, where the choices you make open doors before you, and choosing those doors determines what other doors are opened. Not every Opportunity is provided because of your Wyrd, but many of them are.

But Where Does Generational Wealth Come In?

Remember a few paragraphs back, where I mentioned your Orlaeg is where your Wyrd starts? That’s where generational wealth comes in, at the very beginning. Your Wyrd, when you come from a well off background, is one of affluence. The Opportunity for higher quality schooling, and for additional tutoring is increased, when you can afford to live near a school that receives more funding, or can afford to pay a tutor in areas where you are struggling. That isn’t to say that you will benefit from that schooling, or that you will receive that tutoring, that is up to the Decision part of your Wyrd, but the Opportunity is there. Does that mean that if you go to a school with less funding, you can’t succeed? No, not at all, this once again comes down to the Decision part of your Wyrd, but it must be acknowledged that the Opportunity side of your Wyrd is different than if you had access to those resources.

Things such as attending college are a Decision part of Wyrd, and an Opportunity part of Wyrd. If you can go to college, the Decision to or not to is up to you, and you affect your Wyrd accordingly. But can everyone go to college? Some people cannot afford it, even with loans and grants. and some people could afford it, but that would require making other sacrifices, such as helping their parents with rent. Every Opportunity presented to you requires a Decision, do or do not, but it is important to recognize that Opportunities do not come without their costs. Wealthy individuals find themselves in a position to better pay the costs of those Opportunities, and add those Decisions to their Wyrds, where less wealthy individuals may not be able to shoulder the cost of that Opportunity. While the Decision to pursue that Opportunity may provide a great benefit to their Wyrd, it may come with a serious financial detriment, and while they are now richer in experience, they are much poorer in money.

Orlaeg to Wyrd to Orlaeg Again

As we have seen, your parents wealth, part of your Orlaeg, can affect your Wyrd. It is not guaranteed to provide you a benefit, but it is more likely for you to have a positive and wealthy Wyrd if your Orlaeg includes wealthy parents. But how does this effect going forward? Well, if despite your wealthy Orlaeg, your Wyrd includes being poor when you have your child, then their Orlaeg includes having poor parents, and their Wyrd going forward will be affected by this. But if you have capitalized on your wealthy Orlaeg, and turned it into an even more wealthy Wyrd when you have kids, then their Orlaeg will include having wealthier parents than you did. And their Wyrd, affected by their Orlaeg, may lead to them being even wealthier than you, which affects their kids Orlaeg, and so on. It is not a guaranteed cycle that each generation will be richer than the last, but the Opportunities that they build their Wyrd on will be such that it is easier for them to do so than someone with a less wealthy Orlaeg. But this is not just a forward looking concept, as your Orlaeg was built upon your parents Wyrd, which was built upon their Orlaeg. The Opportunities for wealth build with each generation, as long as that wealthy Wyrd is kept up.

It is important to note that wealth is a limited resource. There are only so many dollar bills, and only so much land to live on. When you acquire wealth, through the Opportunities and Decisions of your Wyrd, you reduce the amount that is available for everyone else. If you own only a little, or a moderate and reasonable amount, you need not worry, though you should be aware. If everyone had a moderate amount, there would be plenty to go around. But as your Wyrd includes more and more wealth, you should start keeping an eye on it. If you take more than your fair share, you are causing others to have to take less than theirs, which isn’t a very Honorable thing to do.

I hope that this has been an enjoyable and educational read, and has brought new thoughts and ideas into your mind. If you disagree with me on anything stated here, or have something related you want to share, feel free to do so in the comments. May your Wyrd be full of Happy Decisions, and Grand Opportunities.


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